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FIFA 14 Coins changed career mode players age will rise capable? Seeking to know the answer it, thank you! Informed about how to modify a specific look, do not say the sentence with the CM15 to change FIFA Coins, please say a little bit in detail, FIFA 15 Coins and I was all, all for me!

Forum Morenhuida night CM15 changed their own way with more than 100 famous older players. Specific search with CM15 with FIFA 15 Coins will be able to control the search FIFA players, the players were copied to the upper left corner of the small bar CM15 player box (open CM15, the point is that Messi avatar), such as the player's menu bar, you can change the age jump the concrete is to change the time of birth of the player, you can think how to change FIFA 15 Coins, change up and down after a good point about the small button next to the shoe pattern, then save, do not point a small button shoes can not be saved, you can tap then point back on FIFA Coins.

I changed the age of the players to simulate a season is not up value, to the beginning of the second season, up, up a small margin, Ribery 89 (24 years old), Ram 88 (21 years old), Robben 91 (21 years old), all up a bit FIFA 15 Coins, the other players and did not change like the original, some up, some FIFA Coins did not estimate locked up. Individuals feel less famous player ability will go up a lot, estimated up almost a 1-2 point, and like the original, FIFA 15 Coins is to retire late, we play a 10 season was no problem at all, the active players and fame peerless demon compete feels good. Changing for the better into the game the previous archive is deleted, go to the archives deleted, FIFA 14 Coins do not delete the age will not change.