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Hardest kick computer

Shooting is very simple, if you grasp the basic model with a few common "formulary" and a simple shot adjustment + find ways to step points.

If you shoot, then Advanced, more simple FIFA 15 Coins, vigorously kicking the bottom corner, very stable, but advanced half a second shot to force adjustment. . . I think not use As for the defense, against the computer, the more dependent on their computers teammates, and FIFA 15 Coins kicking legend, like multi-rocker, little by tackling key. Enough patience can be.

Also to be restrained computer, tactical settings often much more important than the operation. If you set up properly, the computer is also a mistake to attack the Red Real Madrid continued, improper settings even Orangemen you find it difficult to kick FIFA 15 Coins. " But do not think every game 0 most difficult computer, this generation even if you are very familiar with the game, there is no guarantee of offensive anti-ventilation is maintained computer cheap FIFA 15 Coins.