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ONE conversation

Our most recent project for Kingfisher was an ambitious two way live link up bringing together an audience of 3000 colleagues from across the business, located in eight venues in six European countries. This was an exciting ‘moment in time’ for Kingfisher and enabled the leadership team to paint a vision for the future direction of the company as well as an opportunity for the audience to share their views and feedback both live and on the company’s social media platform. It was an amazing success and the colleagues left feeling inspired, connected to a single purpose and appreciating how their contribution makes the difference.

Firehouse designed all eight environments; produced an engaging online interactive mosaic; event content including several films; oversaw the production of each event while simultaneously producing two of them and created the registration platform as well as managing the logistics for over 900 of the audience.

We started planning this back in September 2017 working very closely with the Kingfisher team in each of the countries. It was an incredible and rewarding journey and we were so pleased to be able to support Kingfisher.

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