Dystopia to Utopia

Firehouse recently worked with Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive, on the creative design and delivery of an immersive, experiential Trends event.

The event presented a Dystopian society and was designed to provoke conversation and debate by questioning the effect our brand choices have on the world around us and how brands and organisations also need to think more carefully about their behaviour and choices from data misuse to plastic waste.

60 business CEOs were invited to think differently about the world we are creating for subsequent generations and the actions that must be taken to ensure a sustainable future and the betterment of humanity.

The experience featured four key trends that need targeting to help lead us back towards a Utopian world:

  • Silence is Gold (Brands need less intrusive ways to make their voices heard)

  • Ahead of the Curb (E-mobility technology to cope with slow city infrastructures)

  • The Last Straw (Consumers want built in sustainability)

  • Synthetic Realities (What's true, what's false, how do brands manage the risk?)

New advances in technology may offer many opportunities for companies to forge new, positive paths forward but the right balance must be struck between tech-first and people-first.