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Bee one to watch!

For the last several months, Firehouse has been working on an innovative communication activation with RBS retail bank called Bee - which stands for ‘brilliantly, effortlessly everyday’ – the bank’s key drivers to ensure their customers always have a great experience.

This new initiative replaced the existing channel - a monthly magazine video programme called Watch which had run very successfully for four years but needed a refresh.

The solution was a unique VLOGGING channel and outreach that identified a number of employee vloggers who would become the ‘communicators’ of initiatives, new products, best practice and day-to-day events.

The guiding principle is that vlogs champion PLAIN ENGLISH explanation and representation of key messaging in a way which is always fun, personal, alive with creative invention and non-formulaic. Vloggers bring themes to life and extend them, to capture the wider significance of themes, in the context of ‘REAL LIVES’.

The Bee vloggers rise to challenges, go on road trips, discover things ‘out of the box’, animate ideas, pop up in key places and make surprising, insightful and informative discoveries, invite colleagues to share in the making of a vlog…but most of all visibly have fun being vloggers.

Now that the initiative has been embedded, the RBS community is following the vloggers via the Workplace platform and watching and talking about the content because it is compelling and unforgettable.

If you would like to know more about the Bee vlogging initiative please contact Mike Harper.

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